Collection: Akitsu Mumyoi Oxidation 秋津無名異酸化焼成

Akitsu is named after the area called Akitsu, where is located the down stream of the highest mountain in Sado Island called Kinpoku mountain.

Since 1958, Sado airport was constructed right in the middle of Akitsu area. Watanabe Tozo has collected Akitsu red clay long ago before the airpot was constructed. However his Akitsu clay was sleeping in his warehouse for long time as he've never thought it has a great potential in terms of taste.

Watanabe Tozo


Since a few years ago, we were looking for the clay that could enhance body and conducting various screening. The result of Akitsu clay was outstanding. It drastically increases body of tea as well as after taste. Since Akitsu clay is less elastic and also we wanted to further enhance after taste, we blended Akitsu clay with Nosaka natural clay. The result was very good after all. It works pretty well for fermented tea such as oolong, pu-erh, black tea and white tea. There are 3 types of firing method used for Akitsu Mumyoi. Carbonized reduction, Reduction and Oxidation.

There are 3 types of firing method of Akitsu clay. The taste profile is as follow.

1. Body

Oxidation > Reduction > Carbonized Reduction

2. Aftertaste

Carbonized Reduction > Reduction > Oxidation

Generally we suggest oxidation fired clay for the fermented tea. Thanks to the full body character, it makes the flavor very rich and bold. 


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