Collection: Niigata Tsuiki Do-Ki 新潟槌器銅器

Niigata Copper-Tin Tea Ware

Tsubame city in Niigata Prefecture is known for producing traditional hand-crafted copper-ware called Tsuiki-Doki, which means "hammered" coppe-rware in English.

Tsuiki-doki encompasses a variety of items, including tea equipment, sake equipment, flower vases, and various accessories. Skilled artists carefully shape the copper plates into the desired forms using a hammering technique. Typically, the copper plate is laminated with tin. Currently, the brands introduced by HOJO use a liner made of 99.99% tin. In the past, they did not use such high-grade tin, but concerns about lead content in ordinary tin led the industry to switch to 99.99% tin.

The beautiful surface colors of the copper-ware are achieved through the firing process, influenced by the oxygen level. Depending on the conditions, different colors are produced. The copper teapots are designed with filters that efficiently sift most types of tea leaves, making them ideal for brewing tea.


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