Collection: Niigata Tsuiki Do-Ki 新潟槌器銅器

Niigata Copper-Tin Tea Ware

The Tsubame city (燕市) in Niigata Prefecture (新潟県) produces traditional hand-craft called Tsuiki-Doki. Tsuiki-doki means the “hammered” copper ware in English.

The tsuiki-doki includes not only tea equipment but also sake equipment, flower vase and many other accessories. The artist beats the plate and forms it into the desired shape of particular equipment. Normally, the copper plate is laminated with tin. At the moment, the brands that HOJO is introducing are using liner made of 99.99% tin. In fact, they were not using 99.99% tin in the old days. Once upon a time people concerned about the lead in tin and this has affected the Tsuiki-doki industry. Since then, most of manufacturers had stopped using ordinary tin and swtiched to 99.99% tin.
The color of the surface of copper ware is created by the fire. Depending on the oxygen level during firing process, it creates different colors. The copper teapot comes with filter that enables efficient filtration of most type of tea leaves.


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